funny stories and praying!

So there is a church in Campbell, California which I visited in December 2019 and January 2020. Due to their having contact cards with a space for prayer requests I began to regularly write prayer requests for some of the people in the church. And, as time went on, I also sent some forms of […]

praying, minor news!

If you wish, pray for the first woman walking in the grocery parking lot recently in jeans! If you wish, pray for the second woman walking in the parking lot in jeans! If you wish, pray for the woman who just walked by in black leggings! There are several women and some girls who have […]

moral topics of note . . . praying

With some extra time I have from being on lockdown I have learned about or seen videos about some extra interesting moral topics. In the movie the Dark Knight (2008) the Batman character engages in torture, in a moderate degree, of the Joker. I had seen the movie many years ago and not thought much […]