On risktakers in society

Several years ago I stopped over at the MI police administration room. I asked a question of an officer who was not fully sure and she then brought out of supervisor by the name of J M. J M and I then chatted a little about knives, switchblades and folding knives and dirks and about […]

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It seems that officer Parr of the MIPD may be out of the area or on vacation for a few days and I pray that God be with him and be helping him. He seems to be a good, reasonable, calm, helpful and caring man. Of course, we would hope that all police officers be […]

flyboys book

I was in “jail” for a few weeks. The system was nice to me and I was in the Maleng justice center in Kent which is heaven compared to some other jails. There was a bookcase and some books to read and I read about a book a day. The first book that I read […]