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Friday, August 28, 2015

I walked briefly at Greenlake but it started raining and I returned to my van. I wrote re Thursday’s walk that someone might pick up a business card for this website . . . and the business card was definitely gone.  As for who picked it up for sure, we do not know! z

Hitman: Agent 47

I watched Hitman: Agent 47 today.  It was interesting. By the way, agent 47 wears a red tie on what I think is a black suit . . . my choice for wearing at Ariana Grande’s concert . . . but I am not sure that an assassin would wear it . . . it […]

complaint in photo suit . . .

David Zaitzeff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected] Plaintiff in pro per Superior Court of Washington In and for King County David Zaitzeff, an individualPlaintiff, vs. the city of Seattle, a municipality Defendant Case No.: 15-2-21896-4 SEAAmended Complaint for Declaratory and injunctive Relief   Plaintiff David Zaitzeff, pro se, alleges the following complaint for declaratory and injunctive […]