Monthly Archives: April 2016

friday, April 29, 2016

I walked at Greenlake from about 5 to about 6. There were several persons who smiled and one who said she liked my socks.  There was a group of kids or college aged persons in a circle who were reading my sign and I waved to them and there was a family who read some […]

Ballard glass attack reflections

A man who is probably on drugs smashes a window of a restaurant in Ballard, part of Seattle. He then grabs some sharp piece of broken glass and starts menacing people who scatter. He is reportedly high on both meth and pcp. The man then ran down the street menacing people and found a person […]

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I walked at Greenlake today. There was a funny incident.  At one point I was approaching on the walking path a set of 5 people.  There was a dad, a mom and 3 kids.  Two of the kids seemed to be of elementary age and the oldest of middle school age. The dad was happy […]

avoid gourmet popcorn–teeth at risk

Gourmet popcorn is made by adding various flavored syrups to popcorn. The problem is that the syrups are sticky and can result in a uncooked kernel being attached to a popped popcorn.  And you may bite on this without realizing that part of it is uncooked and quite hard and you can crack or chip […]