Daily Archives: October 10, 2016

Timeless tv show

There is a new tv show out called Timeless.  Some researcher has built 2 time machines.  A man invades the place and steals one of them and starts to go back in time to change American history for the purpose of destroying America somehow.  A team of 3 people follow him in the 2nd time […]

Trump flaws

I have posted several items about Clinton flaws. So, we can be more fair. I assume that Trump lied when he said that he had not done the sexual assault he described on the tape, or groping.  If he had not done the things he said he did, he would have volunteered that fact quickly, […]

Hillary and the pipeline

“We were even up against phony environmental groups . . . against that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever.” I don’t have a strong opinion on the pipeline, but the Native Am Indians nearby the pipeline path would be miffed about the claim that they are a Russian supported front group. I also don’t have a […]