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Friday, September 9, 2016

I walked today at Greenlake, two circuits.  I am posting this post quite late.  (This post is being posted October 20th or later.)  Somehow I missed it, especially after the bikini competition the next day at Newport High School in Factoria part of Bellevue. Today, or this day, was interesting in several respects.  There are […]

against Grudem and Stark re Trump

Theologian Wayne Grudem and pastor Burwell Stark are both now in the news with some essays about Christians voting for Trump or not. Pastor Stark opposes voting for Trump. Wayne Grudem appears to be at a loss to know what to do. It appears that neither of the essays by these gentlemen use reasoning that […]

Recent Time article on exercise

Time magazine had a double issue for 9/12/16 and 9/19/16.  The issue has an article about the science of exercise.  Here are some interesting parts or claims. There was a study done with 2 groups of genetically engineered mice.  The mice were engineered to age prematurely.  Some will set to exercise and some were not. […]