Monthly Archives: November 2016

God, promises and vague warranties

At times I listen to KVI radio and at times on KVI radio there is an ad which was recorded by Rob McKenna, a former Attorney General of Washington state. According to the ad with Rob McKenna, many homeowners are disappointed in their contractor or roofing company due to poor workmanship or vague warranties.  According to another […]

Bedways the movie

I watched Bedways the movie.  This is the story of a film-makers and an actor and an actress and over 6 to 10 days, the film-maker leads them into having sex on camera. I am not sure if I understand this movie.  Was there an actual full script created beforehand for the movie or did […]

Allied, the movie

I watched Allied the movie. This is the story of 2 spies who fall in love and get married in London.  However, after 2 years, British intelligence begins to suspect that one of them is a German spy, rather than merely French resistance. At first it seems that the the husband will prove that his […]

Mechanic Resurrection

I watched Mechanic Resurrection. This is the story of Stratham who plays the mechanic who is good at killing people.  An evil-doer enlists the mechanic by sending in a woman who Stratham rescues from an abuser and then re-kidnapping the woman. Stratham is asked by the evil-doer to kill 3 people and make the killings […]

13 assassins

I watched 13 assassins. This is a story set in feudal Japan in which an evil man is about to come into greater power in the government.  A group of samurai are asked to assassinate him before he reaches the capital to protect the welfare of Japan.  The movie is the story of how they […]