Monthly Archives: February 2017

the great wall

I watched the Great Wall movie. This is very funny given the coincidences related to the Trump presidency.  The first two have been the baseball victory and then the football victory and now there is the name of this movie. This is the story of two European adventurers who go to China to try to […]

the Mezvinsky hedge fund story!

So, there was this family in politics and a woman of the family married this guy who at times has run a hedge fund. One of the hedge funds was named Eaglevale Partners and the guy running it or helping to run it was a certain “Marc Mezvinsky.” I am not sure if you would […]

50 shade darker

What a person thinks of this movie depends on what he thinks is the intent, if that intent is well-done and whether or not the intent is worth doing in film. In this case, we have 10 or so sex scenes set within a larger drama. The larger drama is the pursuit of the billionaire […]