Daily Archives: March 12, 2017

What have you learned? future nde thought

In times past I have read a variety of NDEs and in some of them, during a person’s NDE, God at times asked the person one of two questions that may be some of God’s favorite questions.  The questions are or were, “What have you done with your life or in life?” and, “What have […]

Twin Peaks 4th visit

On Saturday, March 11, 2017 I had my 4th visit at Twin Peaks. New waitresses or those who are not new but who do not have name tags are called Bambi in training. There was one gal of the girls who had some writing on her shorts, but I was not sure what all of […]

Mississippi burning

I saw Mississippi Burning the movie.  This the story of FBI response to the murder of 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi in 1964.  The workers were murdered although the people at firs claimed they had just gone missing. In the movie, the FBI is depicted as using kidnapping and intimidation to get their needed […]