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praying for justice and for R B Brown of SPD

Greetings residents, visitors and co-workers in the city of Seattle, from david zaitzeff, [email protected]                         Thursday, November 30, 2017 Re the wicked, evil deeds of Sergeant Brown #6194 of SPD and the SPD seized evidence unit and the unnecessarily slow behavior of fed judge M J Pechman I am david zaitzeff and I am writing to […]

Guns, drugs and threats

I was reading at Foxnews today and there is an essay by doug schoen arguing that the issue of gun control has favored the Democrats in several recent elections and in particular in the governor’s race in Virginia and that in that race, knowing that the NRA supported Gillespie made voters less likely to vote […]

Monday, November 6, 2017

I had a late lunch at Twin Peaks today. The servers were in the shorts which are their more usual uniform.  The interesting aspect to the shorts is that, at least for some of the servers, the shorts have a crease in the middle for the gluteal cleft . . .  Of course, some of […]