Monthly Archives: June 2018

Wednesday and Thursday, June 20 and 21, 2018

I walked at Greenlake Wednesday evening and then I was downtown Thursday afternoon. At one point I saw some young ladies of teenage age I think, together with a mom.  One was of interest to be photographed and I took my camera to take her photo.   She asked me something but I misunderstood what she […]

A small question for God

At times I read ndes and some are found at and some are found at other websites.  There is an nde account found at with a date of 12/14/17.  A man was depressed and out of his body for a bit and he was hugged by God and God allegedly said, Go and […]

Monday, June 18, 2018

My computer is still not fixed of its problem with its problem of saving some of its images into black and white, for a reason I do not yet know.  So I am working figuring things out but for now, it seems that I will simply provide the larger photos which have not been cropped. […]