Monthly Archives: June 2019

the funny thing re Cameron

So . . . lets suppose that the appeal fails and/or that a subsequent trial finds me guilty again. It is entirely possible . . . However, then, sooner or later, in a few years, the court system releases me to go on my way. And, in time to come, I walk at Greenlake again. […]

to Patriot Prayer re public schools and rape

Greetings friendly acquaintances at Patriot Prayer It appears that the school district or districts of Vancouver, Washington have made the news. There is or was some HS senior soon to graduate who complained that the school administration has turned a blind eye and failed to act to stop sexual assault and/or bullying. His name is […]

Charles Chandler and public schools

On and off for the last few years I have written about schools in which administration knows or should know that there are large and serious problems with either bullying, rape or both and yet, the school then claims that there is next to nothing that can be done to stop or change things, in […]