Daily Archives: July 7, 2019

on the jails

I was in jail or jails for just over 2 weeks. The downtown jail is very bad and you are liable to leave there both sick and injured, especially if you are there for more than a few days. I went to the downtown jail and turned myself in and the next day they moved […]

on the results of minor assaults

So, Carmen Best and officer Guzman . . . lets consider the results of the Seattle thugs who roam around Seattle and grab people without rebuke from police officers to whom they admit their criminal conduct . . . Thug grabs zaitzeff or some other person. zaitzeff does what he can do document the assault […]

praying re several SPD officers

There are several police officers in Seattle who have shown serious contempt for my safety by not responding in an appropriate and reasonable way when others persons have threatened me or grabbed me, and those SPD officers knew of it. If you would, pray that God show those officers the right way or remove them […]

our favorite demon has requested prayer!

I have an interesting favorite demon in California. In my experience she has not responded with recognition and a normal reply to, “God bless you,” and for a while she seemed to be without God and prayer. You never know for certain. Anyway, six or seven months ago I thought of praying for her because […]