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Friday, July 26, 2019 Madison

I walked some today at Madison Park. Some fireguys were doing training at the beach and I included photos of them. There are some women being pretty. There was one woman walking down the sidewalk in a very high slit red dress, while holding it open enough to see a lot of leg from the […]

Baltimore police employee stomped

According to the city of Seattle you are not supposed to carry knives or swords for legitimate self-defensive purposes, or if you do, it should be 1) not a switchblade; 2) not a folding knife and 3) not a knife with a blade longer than 3.5 inches. There is now up on the internet a […]

news and thoughts

There were one or more additional gals wearing only string at Madison on Thursday. Of course, the question of only string or not depends on the angle of view. Probably the gal or gals were wearing more than “only string” when viewed from the front! On last weekend, if I remember the day correctly, there […]

on using bathrooms . . .

There is a gal or a guy by the name of Blair White who at times makes videos for youtube on various topics. She is or claims to be trans, though you would not know it from others of her videos in which she is clearly quite feminine and attractive. I do not particularly recommend […]