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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I walked today at Capitol Hill and at Madison Park and I was a bit on Mercer Island. There were several women at Madison Park who were in a thong today. One of them is quite pretty while sunbathing, I think. While I was walking at Capitol Hill I had the most interesting reaction. I […]

Ballard pitchfork attack

The news is reporting that last week a deranged man on meth attacked a woman without good cause. Allegedly he approached her after she was leaving a post office and he closed the car door on her leg and then attempted to stab her with a pitchfork and she partly defended herself with her purse. […]

the death of Epstein and judging

People on social media and on talk shows have been discussing the death of Epstein the billionaire sex trafficker or whatever he is or was. I have two questions. One is why does God create people we regard as monsters? That does not seem to have been a very nice thing to have done, to […]