Daily Archives: August 14, 2019

a peculiar moral question

Last week I was briefly at the rest stop which is at the border of Federal Way and Fife. The rest stop was packed with cars and I assume that some of them are camping which is supposed to be forbidden though I can understand not enforcing that. Anyway, on the way to and from […]

a future experiment

Several years ago I was walking at Greenlake. Some walks were done in undies and some were done in more regular clothing. On this one walk I encountered a group of people and then we chatted. I think we hugged and I prayed that God bless each of them as we hugged goodbye. They were […]

drugs and aggression

I was walking on and off for several hours in various parts of Seattle yesterday and this was in addition to walking at the gym. At one point I was walking from downtown up to Capitol hill. At 5th and Pine or 5th and Pike there was a guy who seemed to have a blanket […]