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Hitler and those deceived by him

I walk on the treadmill or use a stationary bicycle and at times I watch various clips on youtube about history and there is religious history and culture and there is also the story of culture and war. Hitler came to power in 1933 and between 1933 and 1939 there were journalists and also governments […]

To Baronelle re the lawsuits

Greetings Baronelle and Arlene’s flowers Today I was reading at foxnews and I read your essay on the topic of the lawsuits and the question of religious freedom. You believe it is wrong for the state of Washington to coerce you into making flower arrangements for causes and events with which you do not agree. […]

fun future burning effigy plans

It turns out that a lawyer has been working on the appeal in the Cameron v Zaitzeff case and I, in my limited perception, believe it is overwhelming and conclusive. That does not mean that a judge or the appeal’s court judge will agree, but such is life. Judges are human and at times wicked […]