Daily Archives: September 14, 2019

the Berkeley God story

This is Saturday and today is about the fifth day I have spent time in Berkeley. I was at the farmers market for some of the time. At one point there was an elderly woman moving forward with a walker and having difficulty. I said, God bless you to her. She said, “I am an […]

are our thoughts loud?

I am here in Berkeley, California. The library is on one side of the HS and the parking if you wish to park for free is on the other side of the library. Since I do not wish to pay for parking I commonly park in the free parking area, which is either free for […]

Berkeley and God

While driving about in some of the common and important locations of Berkeley, the samples of churches include the following: the East Bay JCC, the Friends or Quakers, some United church of Christ I think and yesterday some Hare Krishna chanters were walking on the sidewalk while drumming and giving out literature. As you and […]