Monthly Archives: October 2019

3 girls and the movie Elizabeth

Yesterday evening I watched the Addams family movie which I assume was designed chiefly for kids, since it should have been a lot more funny and it was less funny that expected. The film seems to have made a chunk of money, though when I saw it the room was small and empty and here […]

the health care parity law

I have been reading more about the health care parity law. It appears that the health care parity law was passed in 2008 and this was before the ACA done under Obama. There is a story of a guy who is suing an insurance company on behalf of his son. The insurance company tried to […]

Two music videos, review and comments

I was walking on the treadmill at the gym today. As I commonly do, I watch any wild variety of videos, which are commonly either war clips or movies or music and dancing videos, but which could include topics re God, psychology and many similar things. The particular setup at this particular gym does not […]