Daily Archives: October 1, 2019

david’s upcoming birthday!

So I have been watching videos about the seige of Yorktown. The taking of Yorktown was the last major military affair of the Revolutionary war. Being falsely accused and found guilty of assault in court is just the thing to inspire me to watch more videos on youtube about important battles and victories. Anyway, it […]

Berkeley fun beaches and others

I was walking in Berkeley the other day and there was a woman walking with a sweatshirt saying “Beach life,” or similar words. We chatted about other things and then, given her shirt, I asked her where people sunbathed here, if anywhere. She said that there was a lake called Lake Anza and there was […]

peace by reason

I was reading an article or research summary of the views of students in the 1930s on how the world should deal or have dealt with Hitler. Various students, perhaps many of them, advocated seeking and achieving “peace by reason,” with Hitler. I suppose that it is a noble ideal but in the case of […]