Daily Archives: October 5, 2019

Berkeley, ha, ha, ha

There are apparently some clothing optional beaches in the area but they seem to be on the San Fran side of things and to get to them you must go over a toll bridge or use the BART. BART is the BAY area Rapid Transit which consists of train-like things running either in tunnels or […]

Hostile waters movie

I watched the movie Hostile Waters on youtube. You can watch it for free and I watched it while on a stationary bicycle at the gym in ??? Anyway, supposedly, in actual fact, a Soviet nuclear submarine hit an American sub and the Soviet sub was damaged. The captain figured out, despite harm and bad […]

the missing Twin Peaks

It appears that there is no regular Twin Peaks restaurant in Alameda county or in San Fran or other nearby counties! We have also Contra Costa county and there is Santa Clara with San Jose, I think. Do people who write software and create websites and computer things not go to Twin Peaks much? Is […]