Daily Archives: October 12, 2019

the bus line assaults in Seattle

Kiro7 has 2 or more stories up on the topic of assaults in buses which have then been recorded on video. It appears that there have been some quite bad assaults taking place on some buses and/or at transit centers. It is being reported that some passengers frighten others by yelling and screaming loudly without […]

the two lost battalions

Apparently there was an American group called the lost battalion in WWI and another American group called the lost battalion in WWII. Both are noteworthy. If you are a member of a gym or the Y and the gym or the Y has treadmills or stationary bicycles with an individualized tv screen and if you […]

Berkeley is so terrible . . .

Today is Saturday, October 12th. After my being shocked this morning by a dozen unaccompanied “kids” from the local high school with a table on the sidewalk where a dozen dangers might befall them–for I had thought that the minors only went out and about unaccompanied at lunchtime and after school let out and they […]