Daily Archives: October 17, 2019

Kansas and topless women

There is a city in Kansas called Manhattan, apparently. As a result of the federal court’s ruling in their area, one or more places in Oklahoma supposedly are trying to fight, but the city of Manhattan, Kansas has given in pre-emptively. They are decriminalizing a woman going topless, a crime for which they seem to […]

komonews and suboxone

Several months ago and over the past years there have been several TV documentaries produced and the shown on komonews re drug treatment in the Seattle area, if any. One of the ideas being recommended or suggested by the producers of the doc is drug replacement therapy as it is practiced in the Rhode Island […]

what is drug addiction treatment?

I saw the movie the Big Short. I learned that Mark Baum–the character who is based upon Steve Eisman–meets at a Vegas convention a man who claimed to be a CDO manager. The CDO manager was in fact a CDO profiteer upon the gullibility of the foolish. I have also been reading the news reports […]