Daily Archives: December 15, 2019

Greetings Mike White, vice-principal!

Greetings Mike White, vice principal of Monta Vista HS! Sunday, December 15, 2019 I thought I would say hi. I came across your name because ten days ago I passed by the Fremont High school and their sign about the Featherettes having their fundraising craft fair. So I searched on the topic of Cupertino high […]

Sunday’s prayer requests!

My prayer requests are as follows: 1) that God bless Gray, Jocelyn and their son; 2) that God help me make more money so I can give more; 3) that God bless the cheerleader of Berkeley; 4) that God bless and help Miss Li; 5) that God bless and help Miss Khan; 6) that God […]

The Berkeley youth humor!

Yesterday was Saturday, 12/14/19. Berkeley is a good place to be on some Saturdays for me and my kind of work. I was here in Berkeley on Saturday, 12/14/19. I was in the area between the two Safeways. There is a pizza place and a food shop and these place are often packed on Saturdays. […]