Daily Archives: January 5, 2020

Sunday’s prayer list, 01/15/20!

My prayer listing for the elders and others of Campbell Coc is or was as follows: God bless or help two JW women who were at the SC libary on Friday sharing their faith; God bless and help Elizabeth and Sabrina who are servers at the Twin Peaks of Sacramento, of unknown spiritual condition! God […]

Interesting incidents of being a first aggressor!

The Washington state first aggressor instruction reads as follows: No person may, by any intentional act reasonably likely to provoke a belligerent response, create a necessity for acting in self-defense [or] [defense of another] and thereupon [kill] [use, offer, or attempt to use force upon or toward] another person. Therefore, if you find beyond a […]

On holsters in church

One police chief in Texas is encouraging the police officers who go to church to do so in uniform and presumably that means with pistols. The news is saying the guy is recommending “full uniform,” which I assume to mean, wearing their pistol also. I do not like much pistols which have a round in […]

On the freeze study from Sweden

A study done in Sweden of those who went to an emergency clinic within a month of a rape or attempted rape against them. Researchers found that 70% experienced significant immobility and about 50% experienced total to nearly total immobility during the rape or attempted rape. I believe that most people in our societies are […]