Daily Archives: March 4, 2020


I watched the movie Seberg about the government surveillance and harm to and of an actress named Jean Seberg. Seberg was associating with blacks and giving money to various black rights and black freedom causes. It is sad that the US government would persecute her! God show all people the right way!

Harriet Tubman and Unbelievable

I watched the Harriet Tubman movie and I am currently watching the Netflix series or the series on Netflix “Unbelievable.” It appears that Tubman had a head injury that put her in a coma for a while and afterwards she heard from God exceptionally better compared to other people and compared to before, or so […]

perceiving danger

I did a little so-called volunteer work for the Santa Clara county registrar of voters. The work was paid and so not really volunteer, but because it is very short term and of public service, they call it volunteer. I was part of a 2-person courier team taking bags of ballots and similar things from […]