Daily Archives: March 13, 2020

Prayer request to the Spiro AofG

Greetings the Spiro AofG. God bless and protect you all. God bless and protect all my friends at the Campbell church of Christ in or near Campbell, California! Campbell is in Santa Clara county which is a location of some of the cv deaths and where 3 TSA workers have been found to have the […]

Friday’s praying and synchronicity

The second major practitioner of secular or semi-secular psychology might be Carl Jung. Jung believed in some sort of spiritual force or forces and he believed that something or someone somehow at times arranged peculiar meaningful coincidences to communicate a message or idea to a person. Jung is a little bit famous for creating the […]

praying for outsiders

I assume that some of you or all of you are Christian, depending on the mailing list to which I am sending this email. Some of you may be praying for other members of your church or people who attend the church. Some of you may also pray for outsiders, meaning people you do not […]