2nd update, post RHS letter and post RAM dinner

On Thursday, the page views at this website were at 7500 in a single day.  Prior to the letter to the RHS students, my average page views per day were around 250.  We have had an increase in page views by about 3000%.

As to why either the RHS letter or the RAM dinner stories have caused such a change in page views, I do not know.  It seems that I am also getting traffic from unexpected sources or search engines which were not previously paying much attention to the site.

On Thursday, at Greenlake, there were persons in the outfits of the Mountlake Terrace soccer team running or doing other things at Greenlake!  If I had realized what the uniforms were the second I saw them, I would have taken a photo or two!

On Thursday, some of the leading pages viewed by persons visiting the site were the following:

each of the pages labelled fun photo, such as fun-photo1 and fun-photo2 with between 64 and 92 unique page views;

the ram dinner the cheerleaders, with 94 unique page views and about a minute on average while viewing the page;

the ram and the cheerleader dinner different account, with 80 unique page views and about a minute on average while viewing the page;

the review of the RAM restaurant with 62 page views;

tuesday may 23 2017 walk 11 with 40 unique page views;

thursday may 25 2017 walk 12 with 25 unique page views;

the letter to RHS students about rape in high schools was viewed 35 times on Thursday and 68 times on Wednesday with “unique page views;” and there were 5 unique page views of the letter on Tuesday;




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