A friend’s view of his 2 years of hot yoga

I saw a friend today who does some hot yoga. I have had two hot yoga classes so I was more curious about his results with the yoga and why he does it. This fellow had previously told me he felt he had had good results with hot yoga.

I asked him for more details this time of what he thought of his results with the hot yoga.

Scott has been doing hot yoga for about 2 years. It began almost by a fluke when the owner of a yoga studio in a nearby business gave him a pass or credit for a free month. He began with it and then just decided to continue.

During the same last two years, Scott has tried to be eating more wisely. So, we don’t necessarily know for sure which, if any, of the effects he thinks he has had result from the hot yoga.

Scott believes that the yoga has helped him be or remain more flexible which is important for his work. Some people believe that when the body is warmer, you can stretch a little bit more and supposedly some benefit might continue over during the time one is not in hot yoga.

Scott runs at times or has done so since his beginning hot yoga. Scott is absolutely convinced that the hot yoga has helped him with his “breathing” while running. I think this means he does not get winded as quickly. I will ask more about that.

Scott believes that he does not get sick as often as prior to beginning the hot yoga and when he does get sick, he is not sick for as long.

Scott believes that the hot yoga has helped him lose weight but we have no way to know how much effect there was, given that his eating habits may have changed around the same time.

Scott has an idea that hot yoga removes toxins from the body, but I am not convinced that this is scientifically reasonable.

At the yoga studio he has also done some yin yoga and one or more of the barre class sessions. I think he said that the yin yoga is slower and more meditative and a person holds certain poses for longer periods of time. I think most of his visits at the studio have been of hot yoga–I did not even know he did yin or barre prior to asking more about how and why and what results he has had with the yoga. Why he has chosen more of the hot yoga v. the barre sessions I do not know.

One of the main scientific studies on the topic finds that a person doing hot yoga has increased heart rate and body temperature. Men burn an average of 460 calories in an hour of hot yoga, Brian Tracy scientific researcher claims. According to the treadmill, I burn about 300 calories an hour while walking. According to the online calorie calculator at healthstatus.com, a person like me would burn 280 calories an hour. According to the online calorie calculator, a person like me would burn 450 calories an hour in hot yoga.

If a person does 5 sessions a week of hot yoga which is high but not unreasonable, and if his eating remains the same and his other activity remains the same, that would be a lot of a little more than half a pound per week. Scott has been doing the hot yoga for 2 years or 100 weeks and so his hot yoga practice could easily have contributed significantly to his 40 pound weight loss. All he would have to do is not have reduced his other physical activity and other exercise. A lot of people can easily incorporate an hour of yoga and not simultaneously reduce their time at the gym or running.

So, a lot of people could actually find that doing hot yoga would help them lose weight, because it is not that hard and it can be easy to keep doing, if they are not so out-of-shape that they are wiped out during the first few classes.

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