a future experiment

Several years ago I was walking at Greenlake. Some walks were done in undies and some were done in more regular clothing.

On this one walk I encountered a group of people and then we chatted. I think we hugged and I prayed that God bless each of them as we hugged goodbye. They were composed of two women and one guy.

About 2 weeks later I was again at Greenlake and I met again one of the woman. She said that all of them or 2 of the 3 persons had had what she called good luck in the week after I had met them and blessed them.

I just went to the post of Tuesday August 13 and I added captions of blessing and/or greeting to some of the people in the photos.

Anyway, if and when I have a bunch more money to use in various ways, one fun thing would be to do an imperfect scientific experiment. I should recruit some people who either go to the park or who stay home.

Does it matter in a strong and observable way if and when I pray for some people that God bless them? The people I blessed at Greenlake several years ago were fully and normally clothed. I blessed them as a part of a normal way of saying goodbye in some friendly circumstances.

In the case of Greenlake or Madison Park, at times I pray for people whom I think are being fun, interesting, pretty or revealing. Once in a while I pray for everybody who is there, but more commonly I pray particularly for those who are being pretty or fun.

When I pray for a gal or young woman that God bless her and help her and I do so because she is being revealing at the park or lake and I think that is fun, does God respond and bless her in response to my prayer? I do not know!

I actually pray on the theory that some people will feel better and be slightly happy after they are dead and they review their lives and experience me praying for them! Several years ago when I pray for the people of that group of three persons at Greenlake, I did not expect God or circumstances to be so nice and helpful to them so quickly!

Anyway, that is the question! If someone is being revealing or fun at the lake or park and I pray for her, does that help her in this lifetime as opposed to blessing her only after death?

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