a peculiar moral question

Last week I was briefly at the rest stop which is at the border of Federal Way and Fife. The rest stop was packed with cars and I assume that some of them are camping which is supposed to be forbidden though I can understand not enforcing that.

Anyway, on the way to and from the bathroom of the rest area, there was a car with a man and a woman in the front seats. The car window on the passenger side was next to the woman and it had 2 red ribbons or red pieces of cloth hung in the window in such a way that the cloth or ribbon was partly outside the car and would blow or fly in the wind.

Now it is not obvious to me, being a little or somewhat naive, as to whether or not this is a sign of bad activity.

I actually think that prostitution should be mostly legal or somewhat regulated. Augustine and others said that while prostitution is an evil it is less of an evil than the evils of suppressing it or words to that effect.

I am not convinced that society is doing good but I could be wrong in some of its suppression.

But red ribbons (or dim red lights) in a car window, next to a woman, at truck stop seems to be a possibly worse situation than a dozen others.

I do not know. I am only guessing. God knows more and I know less.

Anyway, I am more free from doing a dozen errands over the last several days and I remembered the red ribbons and I called the state patrol to check on red ribbons at the truck or rest stop.

It could be even worse than it looks.

Anyway, if there are goofy things taking place at the rest stop I hope that the woman can see the doctor.

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