A peculiar prayer experience in Berkeley!

I have been in Berkeley since around September 8th or so. Since mid-November I have been in Berkeley some days of the week and not others!

Usually the way I pray for people is that, for women or girls who are pretty, fun smiling, I pray silently that God bless them. For them or for other such as men who interact with me out loud, I may bless them with God bless you out loud rather than silently.

I have not prayed with anyone in the Berkeley pizza line out loud beyond the words God bless you, though I think I prayed a bit more for a homeless guy recently.

Anyway, earlier this week I requested prayer for Saratoga High School and then thought more about Berkeley High School and their lack of Christian clubs. I invited some people to consider sharing the faith out in public in Berkeley, but no one is responding very quickly to that invitation!

Anyway, on and off this week I prayed for the people of Berkeley and wondered about other people doing more prayer or evangelism of the people of Berkeley.

Today I was in the pizza line while chatting with people about signing petitions. There was a woman who signed a number and at first I wondered if she was slightly tipsy from a drink but it was not clear.

As she talked it came up that they has had four concussions and she is suffering physically from her concussions. She has had nausea and other problems from the concussions.

I ask if it would be ok if I prayed for her and she was happy for that and I prayed for her more extensively in the pizza line!

Her name is Darcy! God bless and help Darcy! Jesus touch Darcy!

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