a Titanic clip and a car accident

Below is a very interesting clip on the Titanic hitting the iceberg. I have been watching the story again and again over the past week, and then youtube takes you to various other similar links.

Also, I was in San Fran for a bit of presumably necessary business Thursday evening and returning to Berkeley that evening.

I experienced a bad car accident without being hit or touched a few feet next to me.

There is the I80 Freeway which goes between SF and Oakland. I think in this area it is called some sort of bridge. Toll bridge or Golden Gate or SF bridge, I do not know.

I was heading eastbound towards Oakland. I was in the lane that is 2nd of the left.

Up ahead was a car that was stopped, stalled, disabled or out of gas in the left lane of the eastbound lanes of the bridge.

Just ahead of me a car was approaching the disabled, stalled or stopped car. The man saw the problem and was able to safely move into my lane, the 2nd left lane.

Right behind the car that successfully moved out of the danger lane was a car, slightly ahead of me, moving at about my speed. How and why I was in the 2nd left lane rather than the left lane, I do not know. I think I was tired, a little bit disoriented from moving about on SF streets I did not know. I was not in much of a hurry and had not reason to try to be going as fast as possible and reasonable. Anyway, I was not in the lane of the danger. I was next to it!

The man or woman driving next to me sees the danger immediately ahead of him or her and tries to stop or slow and hits the car. Some drivers would have swerved into my lane and caused much worse damage to many persons.

I passed by as there was debris in my lane from the collision that took place a fraction of a second, or 1 or 2 seconds previously.

After caught my bearings and was safe and thinking clearly, I called 911 to inform them of the collision and witnessing it. They had already had calls informing them. It took me 2 or 3 minutes before I realized that I should be calling them immediately, and, I was on the freeway at the time, and so, you cannot always respond instantly with a phone call.

You have to know all the traffic around you and what are your safety risks if you are making a phone call while moving at 60 mph or so!

Here is the youtube clip. According to this, one of the ship’s leaders made things worse by stopping the engines, cause then, they were not able to use the rudder to turn the ship away from the ice!

I have been watching this . . . and I think about my domme friends who do whipping and caning. Many Christians do not like horror movies and some do not watch them at all. One of my “domme” friends loves horror movies.

In case you do not know, the word domme means a gal who canes and whips people or who does worse things. So they are persons I think we would not know from church, but maybe I will invite some at some point to see how a domme visiting church would be! We will wait till I am very rich, I think!

With the corona virus afflicting America, it makes you think of disasters and afflictions, and then, of horror movies, of Revelation and of dommes!

If you remember from the movie The Big Short, some of the guys who made money being short on the housing market were misfits and some of them simply thought a lot more than most people do about disasters and things going wrong!

It seems that we who are not dommes or who do not get caned and whipped should have been watching or reading some more horror, or the book of Revelation, since the coronavirus has caught some of us unprepared!

Sometimes the horror movie is just a story of a man acting with pointless evil, and it is kind of is horror to think that there would be such people acting so badly! Like the guys in the news who have been coughing on grocery store food or the guy who was planning to bomb some hospital of nurses, doctors and coronavirus patients that was just shot by the FBI!

But the other form of the horror stories is how people reacted to the evil!

I think I will have to watch hostel again and hostel 2 and see if there was a hostel 3! Then there was a take off on hostel set in Brazil or Latin America!

If any of you folks wish to be praying, we can be praying for the people in the car accident Thursday evening, March 26th, on the SF bridge!

It seems as if most people in society are a bit limited in the breadth of their thoughts and tolerances . . . Few people think about disasters and calamities and we think of them as cranks and kooks, but they are at times right and a necessary part of society!

So, is Revelation a bit of a horror story? It seems as if, in real life, God brings affliction and destruction to those who are stupid and foolish . . .

Perhaps the corona situation will contribute to the overthrow of the Iranians or the Chinese communists!

Oh, a note of joy, here is also Girls Generation singing a song! Run devil Run, it is great! We can think of it while hoping that society solves the problem of the coronavirus-19!

Meanwhile, the Hal Lindsey books take a revival in sales! The Late, Great Planet Earth!

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