A transgender person killed and Judge Adam Eisenberg

Komonews has news up about the memorial in honor of the life and death of a person named Nikki, who was transgender and you can call her a man, a woman or neither.

The news says that various community groups will not tolerate such violence.

Judge Adam Eisenberg and other Washington state judges give jury instructions saying that if you do something that is likely to lead to or increase violence against you, you have no right to defend yourself. If you do defend yourself, in that situation, you are guilty of assault, because you cannot claim to be acting in self-defense.

Fifty years ago there was Mississippi burning. The Klan went out and murdered civil rights activists and persons registering blacks to vote. The Klan also went out and burned dozens and dozens of church in Mississippi to stop blacks from registering to vote or talking about it.

If you believe Eisenberg, those blacks and white civil rights workers and those pastors whose churches or homes were burnt had no right to defend themselves. For they did what they knew was leading to violence against them.

Today, some guys and some transgender persons wear a dress or high heels.

I saw the movie Welcome to Marwen about a guy who was beaten to a pulp after telling some guys in or near a bar that he at times wore high heels or women’s shoes.

If wearing high heels or a dress leads to violence against a guy, then, he has no right to defend himself, says Adam Eisenberg.

If a black guy walks down the street with a white woman, and that leads to violence against him, and he knew or should have known it would lead to violence against him, he has no right to defend himself, says Judge Adam Eisenberg.

Forgive me if and when the teaching of the contemptible Judge Adam Eisenberg re self-defense becomes more widely known.

If and when I am back in Seattle, I will be happy to discuss with any of you the jury instructions of Eisenberg, ones which deny me and others the right to a fair trial.

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