A very funny, almost crazy evangelical church story

So, a few days ago I was walking from the Safeway area to my car in what we may call the North Berkeley shopping district which is really only a few blocks north of the downtown Berkeley area.

I approach the corner of a building with a square cross and then I engage the guy on the steps in conversation. He turns out to be the pastor and the church turns out to be evangelical in persuasion, which is in distinction with a dozen other of the local buildings in the area: many of the other synagogues and other religious or church or Buddhist or Krishna buildings and temples in the area and the Unitarians. Uh, ha, ha.

I share prayer requests with this guy and he prays for me and we part and I did not think I would visit them on Sunday morning cause I work some.

Anyway my work slows down around 11:20 or earlier and I figure I will visit the sidewalk of the church and “work” perhaps on the sidewalk.

I drive to north berkeley and chat with ordinary and regular people on the sidewalks and then I walk over to the church building. People are not leaving fast.

People are having some fellowship and food provided in a patio or porch or other area of the church and the food and fellowship is outside the building and also next to the sidewalk.

I figure I will join them for their food and say hi.

I get in line for the food and then begin a conversation with a woman who is next to me or just behind me in the line.

We say hi and trade names and about this time, she says, “Oh, I know you. You are the guy praying for me!” or words to that effect.

Of course, given that I pray for lots of people including women and girls who are pretty and people who are sick and afflicted and people who are stupid and act badly and people who are nice, I do not deny that I might have been praying for her. I pray for all kinds of people I have never met and many whom I do not know and will never know . . . I pray for people who have trouble walking on the sidewalk or who are wearing a brace on their arm, wrist or leg.

When did I pray for this woman? I do not know.

Anyway, this woman says that some guy, also named david, was assigned by the church or some group to be praying for her and she had received email from him as to in what way to be praying for her and the family.

I say, “No, that was not me. My name is David and I do pray for a lot of people, but I did not send you that email!” So we figured out who was who and in parting I prayed for her, either silently or out loud, I do not remember.

A few minutes later, without trying, I then met the hubby of the lady and engaged him in conversation about his walk with God and being at the church.

Everyone I spoke with at the church was nice and friendly and the church seems to be in the top quarter or top 10% of churches I have visited in terms of cheerfulness and friendliness.

I was in a shirt that probably needs a visit with the washing machine and has needed the visit with the washing machine for more than a week.

You wonder if God has a crazy sense of humor. I pray for 2 to 50 people per day of various kinds of reason or need. Mostly I pray for women and girls who are simply walking on the sidewalk and being pretty out in public, but I pray for various others.

So I visit an evangelical church in a shirt that is normally pink in color and it now has spots of gray and black from not having been washed in the last few weeks . . .

The woman says, “I know you; you are praying for me!”

So God can be playing a small joke on me or us and I get to wonder if this woman has been walking on the sidewalk . . . I do actually pray for women as well as “girls” so it is impossible at this point to entirely deny the possibility that I might have prayed for her in the last month!

Hey. I pray for men too, but usually if they are sick or injured!

Now, to be nice, I am praying for the whole family!

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