A very funny conjunction of prayer and news story!

So I walk at times in very skimpy undies at Greenlake and it is not the normal thing for what any of my Christian friends would tend to do.

So, in 2014, there were or are times that SPD officers are or were hoping that my walking at Greenlake not be a burden to police resources . . . and on September 10, 2014, offc Dewey asked or suggested or requested that I wear things in such a way that people who view me from behind not conclude mistakenly that I was nude from the waist down.  He felt that would reduce calls or at least reduce the way that police felt they would be responding to any calls . . .

I tried a number of different things for that, but one thing also occurred to me and it was to pray at times that SPD officers be in the right place at the right time to stop or detect crimes and problems.  I had first thought of praying for them that they be safe and praying for healing of some of them who had been injured in protests or other situations . . . praying that I had done back in January 2015.

And the thought came to me to pray when I am walking for them to be in the right place at the right time, given that the police officers probably desire more than simply to be safe . . . they desire to solve or prevent crimes and problems.

I’ve walked about 15 times at Greenlake this year.  Many days while walking I have prayed for other things and some days I have not been praying while walking, so far as I can recall.  Most days while walking I had not been praying for the police to be in a right place at the right time; it did not come to mind while walking that day.

For reasons I do not know, on Wednesday evening, April 22, 2015, while walking, among other things, I prayed for Seattle police or patrol officers to be in the right place at the right time to solve or detect crimes and problems.  I think I prayed that way specifically for those in the North precinct or those in the Greenlake area.

And there was a man that evening who happened to threaten me during my walking on April 22, and so, on the evening of April 22, I emailed SPD officer Loren Street with an account of my walk that evening, together with some general comments about the otherwise fun walk, and including the fact that I had prayed for his colleagues to be in the right place at the right time that evening.

I assumed nothing more of it; I figure it is a nice gesture and a prayer in the direction of what is good.  I figure it would be funny if I had some feedback on that prayer, but unlikely. The next day, the local news has a story, that one Seattle police officer’s officer’s intuition pays off, when he decides to visit a particular pawn shop after hearing about a burglary or theft.  He is there at the shop while a man is attempting to sell the stolen property, just described as stolen on the police radio.  The theft or burglary suspect flees; patrol officers are also called and the combination of events and officers leads to the capture of the thief.

I’ve been reading the news at this website for more than a year.  On Thursday evening, this is the first time I recall such a headline with such a story . . .  Officer’s intuition pays off.

“A Seattle cop’s hunch paid off Wednesday when he correctly guessed which pawn shop a burglar would use to sell his stolen goods.”

The news article does not indicate whether or not the officer who had the intuition was in the north precinct or even in the Greenlake area of the north precinct.  I don’t know.

I was in the Sacramento area in 2012 and there was a coffee shop I visited at times and one of the staff was a witch.  Her being a witch was indicated by bumber stickers on her car and some statements she made one day to either another staff person or other customers.

I figured it would be fun to invite some of the local Christian ministers to say hello to her and I prayed that some of them would come and visit the coffee shop with that purpose and none of them do so . . . at least not directly, when I was there, as a result of my invitation (made by email to some of the local ministers and staff I knew) and prayer.  However, shortly after I had prayed, I encountered at that coffee shop two  different persons who were in the coffee shop for other purposes . . . and in conversation, I learned that each was Christian and one of whom was the college-age youth minister for some local church.

As I met them and learned that they each were Christian, I said, “By the way, one of the staff here is a witch.  If you wish to be praying for her or to introduce yourself, that might be nice.”  I don’t think either of them introduced themselves to her as Christians on that day, but I think that one or both of them did pray for her.  At the time, I took it as an indication that God or heaven was actually paying attention to and liking my prayer that some ministers come to the coffee shop to meet the witch barista.

Anyway, whether the officer and his intuition experience were in the North precinct I do not know . . . but the placement of the news story  at komonews on the day after I had been praying for them for that purpose encourages me to be more regularly for them in that way.  That I was praying for them in that way the evening of the event is documented in an email from myself to an SPD officer I know because an unthinking person choose that evening to threaten me, and I wished to document that as soon as reasonable by email.

Earlier in the year, if I recall correctly, I think I had let one or two of the SPD officers I know know that I was thinking of praying that God help them be in the right place at the right time, on days when I was walking.

If any of you wish to pray for the SPD officers and especially those of the North precinct where they are both seriously short-staffed and where they occasionally run a response to my presence at Greenlake, that God help them be in the right place at the right time, that would be appreciated.  Sometimes, at least, the right place is somewhere other than Greenlake . . .



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