A young woman’s feedback re self-defense classes!

Among the many of the students of BHS there is one who smiles in recognition of at least some people and who smiles relatively easily. There are probably others whom I do not know!

I spoke with her once around the time of the protests and I encountered her again yesterday afternoon. I asked her if she had gone to the school board meeting and she had not. She said she had had a test she was studying for and so skipped the recent school board meeting, on the topic of rape reduction and response.

I summarized briefly the content of EAAA and the research showing that it had had a dramatic effect in reducing rape and attempted rape among the college-aged women who took the simple class. I asked her if she thought it would be good and helpful for her or others to take such a class.

She said yes, but she also wished that the boys/men take a class or series of classes.

At first I wondered if she meant that the guys should also take the women’s self-defense class . . . but the more she spoke she was indicating that she hoped that they would take a class that would reduce their inclination to act badly and rape the girls!

I think that they have those classes in some churches and synagogues. Sometimes they are called Sunday School and at times they are the Torah readings. I am not sure how easily you get those into the schools, but the young ladies of Berkeley do advocate the “Coaching Boys into Men,” lessons.

If it matters and helps, not everybody in society smiles so easily as people. Often the ones who are smiling are either Christian, Jewish or they meditate and some are Buddhist.

In the absence of Bible reading in the schools . . . given that some of the young women are willing to tell of their rapes and the consequences, I would suggest an assembly in which some women do so, or, play some of the accounts of the recent school board meeting, for the whole school!

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