I have walked at Greenlake in skimpy undies since August 2012.  I began with a free hugs sign in July 2012, walking clothed.

I has been fun!  Some are irritated and some appreciate me!

God bless you!

What is the law?

The Revised Code of Washington or RCW says that you can’t knowingly cause reasonable affront or alarm.  It doesn’t specify which bod parts can or can’t be shown, except by implication.  Exposure of the butt might easily be found allowable in some contexts and forbidden in others.  Even in a context in which wearing a thong might be ok, exposure of the butt via mooning is probably going to cause problems and police response.  Re exposure of a given body part, there is flexibility depending on the context.  The city of Seattle has no additional law re indecent exposure.

For some contexts, on the edges of the application of the law, we might debate what is or is not a cause of reasonable affront. . .  We can avoid wearing a thong at the grocery store and probably we can abstain from mooning the judge/magistrate when we see him about a parking ticket . . . and he refuses to dismiss the ticket . . .

Of course, I can’t imagine in any way a Seattle judge/magistrate such as Seattle magistrate Hanley not paying attention to the state law on the orientation of parking signs . . . such a thing could never . . , ever be . . . Who cares if the city is violating state law with the signs .  . . as long as Seattle collects its parking ticket fees . . .

How do we know you are not trying to offend us?

Well, I could walk with a butt that has been welted from being caned and I could walk with a back that is bloody or marked from being whipped. . . . and if I more irritated at some city, those are things I might consider; maybe I will do that for Halloween!

How do I respond to those who are worried I might be a bad actor?

I mostly just ignore them . . . but my walks are in daylight with plenty of bystanders and witnesses and I am easily identifiable.

Why do I do this?

I began with a free hugs sign in clothing . . . and around that time some people had noticed and said I had a cute butt.  I experimented with skimpy undies that would show more of it, and there is a positive reception and/or interactions from at least some people.

Now, there are probably several dozen other related positive benefits which have come to me and others that it very much seems a good idea to continue . . .

Do you walk elsewhere?

Yes, I have walked downtown in skimpy undies with a Vitamin D sign, to and from Westlake Park from Yesler Way.

What has become acceptable at Greenlake?

Whatever other people might think of me personally or a man walking in a thong, it is now easily demonstrable that several dozen women at Greenlake have worn a bit of string on her butt or “tanga thongs” or see-thru items either showing completely or revealing the butt.  (One day, on the see-thru, a gal was in see-thru panties while walking to and from the boat rental area . . . the panties were over a thong of, in back, a triangle with sides of 1 inch . . . I missed the photo!)

In Southern California, where the law is liberal and women know the law, lots of women do at various beaches.  Here it is just beginning.  Some women, not necessarily a lot, but enough to be noticed, choose this for expressing themselves or it is simply more convenient for them.  Perhaps that is what they wear under their pants and when they wish to sunbathe at Greenlake, we see.

What about your taking photos?

I walked for 2 years without taking photos.  I began including taking photos in 2014 after being threatened with arrest and knowing that photos of others in similar clothing would help my defense . . . and also after being at a teen-swim meet in California where all kinds of people were taking a variety of photos of the teen-swimmers . . . and it was regarded as normal that people take photos at the swim meet.  Now, for me, it is a fun part of the day.

Supposedly, after many of us die, we will have life reviews and we will experience our lives, often from our points of view and also often from the points of view of others we have interacted with or influenced.  If a person takes photos of others, I believe, one matter to be considered is the long-run effect, if any.  I don’t know all the effects, but supposedly even plants respond well to being appreciated and loved.

Carter Mills saw himself when he was a child and killed a mother bird with a sling shot. At the time, he was so proud of that shot; but during his life review, he felt the pain that the mother bird’s babies went through when they starved to death.

Very small, seemingly inconsequential things such as the day when I, nine years old, walked through Seneca Park and loved the appearance of a tree. In my life review I could experience a bit of what the tree experienced in my loving it, two little photons of love and adoration. It was somewhat like the leaves acknowledging my presence. Can a tree experience that? Yes, it can. Don’t go kicking trees anymore!

The real question is not whether or not I take some photos of some unsuspecting women or girls or even men at times, but whether or not I have an encouraging and helpful attitude towards them, if you believe the NDE accounts, I think . . . and if I take someone’s photo who gradually becomes aware of it, what attitude does she choose to have about her being photographed in public?  Appreciation or irritation or joy or ??

For more discussion of photo-taking, see herehere and here . . . and perhaps here

Related items . . .

An alleged sexual assault reported on komonews on 10/27/14 and reported to have happened 10/10/14 was a fabrication, as best I can determine, created by a woman who wanted to bring police and public scrutiny to my walks.  We know this from one or more contradictions between the police report and the komonews story and some incredible parts of her story.

There is a science of a series of exercises that some people do in order to have an attractive butt.  I do some exercises but my butt would benefit from a lot of improvement to come!  It will be greatly improved.  We should see me in 2016!

There is a large story section at greenlakewalking.com . . . and greenlakewalking.net is updated nearly every day with the story and photos of the day.  Greenlakewalking.net has some excellent photos produced in the first part of July days . . . as well as the story of my being questioned one day by some Greenlake staff (I think) about taking photos.

Here are three popularly viewed posts with a few photos though I don’t always know why!  In one case, June 7, I assume that the principal of the Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor is making sure I am not molesting his girls while hugging them for photos  . . . not sure why other people would tend to view the page . . . I am sure it is just boring . . .

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Sunday, June 7

Women who find it fun and interesting compete in all kinds of bikini competitions, competitions which are regarded as a recognized sport rather than lewd entertainment (such as, conceivably, wet-t-shirts at spring break at Daytona Beach, Florida.)  They train for months.  One national winner entered her first competition at 14 or 15 and her first bikini competition at age 17.  The guys at Mount Si High School might wish to consider something like that rather than creating contests that get shut down such as this years hot-or-not.

Although genitals covered seems to be working for walking at Greenlake, what some people do in the future with some nude photography is an interesting question . . .

Seattle has two nonofficial clothing optional beaches for those who wish full nudity or going topless . . .  Photos are allowed apparently, as well.  Lots of people in Seattle claim to not know there is or has been agreed-upon nude beaches . . . back in the time of McGinn, there was a website where people gave input or requested changes for the city.  One major requested change was some clothing optional beaches with nearly 2000 persons requesting it, and it has happened, but without a lot of people knowing it.

One matter to be considered is that girls and women between the ages of 10 and 30, who wish to have a nice butt, should be taught and perhaps encouraged to work out.  It is not simply losing weight that causes “us” to have a nice shape, but exercising and being moderately strong.  There are women who train for months and years to compete in and win bikini competitions and part of their training invariably includes working out and usually includes lifting weights to some degree.

Girls and women who have been anorexic might consider calling a hotline . . . or they could working out including weight lifting.


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