Alki and Madison July 6, 2019

Here are some nice photos from visiting Alki and then Madison Park on July 6, 2019! God bless the young women and women and God show the bullying man and officer Guzman the right way!

Very, very nice, young ladies! God bless “you!”
Photo taken by david the great pedophile!
This young lady was doing somersaults or flips or whatever those things are called. You lean forward and then your hand or hand go to the ground and then your momentum takes you, if you do it right, back to standing. I tried to “capture” her while she was in mid flip or mid somersault, but it did not work! I always caught her just before or just after, despite the newer camera I have that was bought a month ago!
God bless the young lady!
Presumably she is headed for fun in gymnastics, drill or cheer team, but I do not know!
Supposedly a forward diving roll and a backwards roll are good things to know if some assailant is running at you with a knife. A man running at you with a knife is going to have trouble changing direction or altitude and his change in direction or altitude takes time for him to make, even if he does things perfectly, that you might use to draw a weapon or escape from his path. On the other hand, some police are convinced that a forward dive or backward roll places you at risk because, while you have forced the attacker to adjust his height and direction, you have temporarily given up some mobility!
In any case, the young lady seems to have skills that I lack!
This is an assaulting man in a beard who grabbed me and tried to push me around. God show him the right way. Also, police were spoken with a few minutes later, and the foolish woman police officer failed to inform the idioto that grabbing people and pushing them around is a crime. She does not honor my safety and my peace. God show her and the assaulting man the right way! Oh, if you wish to pray for the foolish police officer by name or know her by her badge or ID number, she is going by the name of Guzman and seems to have a number of 8506. Oh . . . no photo, by the way, of our favorite crazy officers!
Is there something with men who frown, are unhappy and probably work out and have large arms that they think they get to grab people for no good reason other than to bother them?
God show this fellow the right way!
Sometimes I pray for people who may be lost that God get a hold of their souls, but not usually. Maybe I am slothful or negligent. I pray for Brett Cameron that God save him because he seems to me to be lost, but I am merely making an educated guess, based on his tendency to tell falsehoods. The Bible says to pray for those who mistreat you and I eventually added that prayer for Brett Cameron, after praying for weeks and months that God show him the right way.
Anyway, some of these guys have missed out on some of their Bible reading, I think, but who am I to say? Also, there is no certainty or much likelihood that God wishes to say he likes everything I do, but, hey, God is often quite a bit hidden . . . so . . .
In any case, back when I went to church or where I still might go to church at times . . . a significant part of the people have read the Bible enough to be at peace with themselves and others . . . and to have at least a grin or smile!
Did this guy fail Sunday School along with Brett?
Thanks! God bless you two!

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