Anorexia among teenage girls and weight lifting

I met a news reporter today and we might do a story on my walks at Greenlake.  A short time ago, I wrote him an email discussing some subtopics and related topics.  There is one that is fairly important but it did not occur to me when I wrote to him.

I told him that there was a science of a series of exercises that people would tend to do to have a nice butt and that there are women who train for months and participate in bikini competitions.

Our society for the last several decades, has acted to suppress some normal aspects of teen girl sexiness in ways that I regard as unhealthy on the part of society.

According to, one in every seven women is struggling with an eating disorder.  The numbers may well be higher if we consider those in the teens only, because women who are 45 have usually made peace with their weight or are doing well at losing some or being slim.

The women who win bikini competitions don’t do so by being so thin . . . the women who win bikini competitions are women who go to the gym, work out and lift weights.

25% of college-aged women engage in binge and purge.

One half of teenage girls engage in unhealthy behavior to control their weight.

The question that I have is  . . . for all these “girls” of teenage years and for these 25% of college-aged women, how come they are not taught to walk and to work out?  Winning a bikini competition results from working out, not just from being thin.

Among girls who are themselves not clearly overweight, 1/3 report dieting.

1/3 of those, women in general, who engage in dieting progress to pathological dieting.


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