another seemingly unreasonable surprise

The gym where I am a member has a hot tub and a pool. Actually, there might be more than one pool, but I have not been to the 2nd or 3rd pools.

The hot tub has a dozen rules posted on the wall. Rules are to wear swimwear rather than underwear and the swimwear be not revealing.

Ha, ha.

It seems that there are ordinary violations of the rules, seen several times a week and maybe every day, and surprising or unusual deviations from the rule.

As you walk in and out of the building you have a simple and easy view of the main pool.

A woman with what seemed to be graying hair was moving from lane to lane on the walkway next to the pool this evening. She was wearing a top that was so thin or flimsy as to be completely see-through, as least as seen from the back, cause you could see her swimwear bottom through the shirt, not under, but through, the shirt or whatever top it was she had on.

As I have written previously, there is an overweight guy at times in the pool or hot tub and it would probably be highly impolite and a problem to talk to him about the “moobs,” or man boobs.

In any case . . . no, I have not imbibed any cannabis, drugs or alcohol at my favorite coffee shop . . .

And, yes, the lifeguard or guards check the water quality and cleanliness on a regular basis.

Oh, well. Well, no one has been wearing an actual thong for swimming or the hot tub, so there must be some rule . . .

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