are our thoughts loud?

I am here in Berkeley, California. The library is on one side of the HS and the parking if you wish to park for free is on the other side of the library. Since I do not wish to pay for parking I commonly park in the free parking area, which is either free for 2 hours or all day long and walk to and from the library.

I had been writing and thinking about the HS dress code. Today is Saturday and I was walking from the library to my car around 1:30 or 2.

There was a young woman and a guy walking. The young woman was in shorts cut with the hem or lower border higher than I have seen during the weekdays. It was as high as possible and still have the edge or border be “flat” or parallel to the ground. (Some shorts have a lower border that slants upwards as the spot moves laterally.)

I appreciated seeing her and I was praying for her that God bless her and be good to her.

She and her friend were stopped at a corner waiting for a light to change and the young lady was, while stopped, pulling the border of her shorts slightly downwards!


In the photo below we see 2 shorts being worn. The shorts of the young woman being worn today were higher than those on the left and lower than those on the right! I hope she did not mind that I noticed!

God bless and help her!

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