Ariana Grande, Key Arena, Seattle, Tuesday, April 14, 2015 . . . I am clothed and Ariana is clothed to tease!



So I listen to a variety of music.  The music ranges from Mozart to Britney Spears, with little or no country and little or no metal or heavy metal.  I appreciate harmony and melody; sexually suggestive videos are at times fun or funny also.  Sometimes I listen to Christian worship music, but that is intermittent . . . often I listen to music of foreign lands . . .

And I listen to radio Disney while driving and I hear videos or see them at the health club.  When I hear or see something interesting or fun, I later look for it on youtube.  And I have watched on youtube the video for the song Break Free.

I now read the local news most days.  In January 2015, the seattlepi had an article about things to do in Seattle in 2015.  Among the things to do and concerts was the upcoming Ariana Grande concert.  Ariana had a fun and teasing photo somewhere  . . . I enjoy at times carrying a free hugs sign, and I figured I would go.

Here is an Ariana quote about her butt and some of her dancing, in response to someone complaining about her butt in her dancing at some event . . .

“i’m shaking my pretty, cute, petite *** next to nicki’s pretty, big booty. both are ****ing awesome. how about we respect people’s body boundaries and encourage each other to feel like a babe no matter how they are?

“That’s be (sic) nice. so tired of watching everyone try to tear each other down.”

The concert was scheduled to begin at 7:30 and the doors were to open at 6:30.  I arrived in the vicinity later than I would have liked, but it was still between 6 and 6:30.  My purpose then was simply to walk and wander a little with a free hugs sign.  I was wearing a black shirt and red tie.

At the Ariana Grande concert, there were millions of girls and some young women in shorts,  short skirts and short dresses. I think this is in imitation of Ariana, who apparently greatly enjoys showing off her legs and sometimes her butt. In the lines before the doors were opening, there were two people who hugged me, one woman and one guy.  Some of the scalpers said negative things to me about being a perv or pervert, though I was clothed and it was the scalpers saying these things and not the event staff.

The doors opened and people started to move.  About this time, I finished my little walking with the sign in the vicinity of the line of people and I began to return to my car to put my sign back in the car.  At an intersection near Mercer and Queen Anne Ave, there was a limousine with girls in it and the windows open.  On one side, the girls looked at my sign and read some of it and I opened my arms.  The girls of the first side window of the limo said no.

A few seconds later, I was across the street and the limo was turning and the girls at the other window were looking and reading.

I returned to my car and then returned to the area.

I found my way in and wandered a little.  There was a girl in a short skirt and she was standing and I took a photo of her.  If I had thought about things and knew more, I would have taken more time just walking and taking photographs.  Or, maybe I would have sat at some convenient location and enjoyed the people watching.  Basically, the concert was, before and afterwards, somewhat a celebration of a thousand girls and young women in short skirts or shorts.

I found my place.  I was in seat 12 of a row.  To my left there was a mom and two girls of the age that seemed to me to be about ten years old.  To my right there was a mom and 3 girls of age somewhere between 10 and 16, I think.  The three girls to my right were all in shorts. . . The mom with those three girls took a seat on the aisle.  As a result, in the eight seats with me in the middle, there were 5 girls of age appearing less than 16 and I think it was 10-14.  As for the composition of the rest of the crowd, I don’t know the proportion.  There was at least one woman of middle-age who arrived and sat alone, without any kids seemingly attached to her, to our left.

After the concert, I did observe at least one man-woman couple of age sufficient to not have mom or dad with them . . . but a very large portion of the attenders were girls, in groups, either groups with mom or groups without mom, depending on if their age made being “alone with friends” at the Key Arena suitable.

That woman actually arrived and was struggling to find her seat and the usual usher was not at his place.  I got up and asked what she was seeking and it turned out her ticket was for a seat in the same row as myself, 4 or 5 seats to my left.  I pointed out where she would find her seat.

In the row behind us there were girls who appeared to be under 10.  In the row one or two rows ahead of us, there were young ladies sufficiently old to be on their own without a mom guiding them and probably they were of young college age.  Several rows behind us there were two young ladies and one of them was wearing an all-red tank top or bustier . . .  Ha!  I don’t know the women’s clothing items well enough to give it the proper name with any certainty . . .

The mom to my left was from Portland and she was here with a kid and a female friend of her girl.  She says that the friend’s mom told her not to buy any Ariana merchandise because it was likely to be too suggestive and therefore unsuitable for her girl, whom the mom considered to be too young for a lot of the Ariana merchandise.  Of course, a lot of people got these cat ears which were sufficiently innocent and fun for everybody . . .

The mom to my left was next to me and we talked a little about our lives and our reasons for our visit at the concert.

There was a performer named Cashmere Cat and I did not like the music and I left the seat and wandered about.

There was Rixton and I returned to my seat for his part.  At one point, he said to express appreciation to people you love and then he said to express appreciation or reach out and hug or touch those you do not know.  I put my arm briefly behind and on the chair of the woman to my left.  To the girls on my right, I offered my hand, offering my hand in the front of their bod and not behind them.  Each one of them took it briefly, in turn.  God bless them, as I often pray for those who contribute to my life in some way!

Rixton had a part of his performance leading the arena in a contest of cheering and screaming.  I think that the other side of the assembly won, but I was not really paying attention.  I did not yell or scream.

Ariana sang a variety of songs.  At one or two points, there were released in the air small pieces of paper, plastic or ribbon.  I think I heard one or two songs that I somewhat knew but I had not previously realized were by Ariana.  There was One Last Time and I had not previously watched Ariana’s video for it, so far as I know.  Also, she sang Bang Bang which I did not realize she had written, but now I see that it lists her partly as a source or singer in the song . . .

Toward the end, there was the small slips of paper or ribbon in the air and I caught one in my hand to save as a momento.

After the concert was over and people were leaving their seats, the usher who was stationed at the entrance way smiled and winked at me.  I am not sure if that is bad or good . . .  I am not easily offended . . .  Does his winking mean that he hopes I enjoyed the presence of the girls, while doing so  from a legally safe distance of not touching?  I am going to have to ponder this usher’s having winked at me as we were all leaving . . .  Or does his wink mean, “Ha!  You’ve been lusting for Ariana but it is ok!”?

To wink sometimes means to share or communicate a secret.  I think that 1/4 or fewer of those attending were male.

The scalpers who called me a perv earlier believed that a normal male person over a certain age would not be here to see Ariana, but would be here to see girls in skirts with some bad intention.

Whatever . . . but the mom in the seat to my left didn’t act towards me as if it was bad of me to be there . . . Maybe if you wear a tie people assume, at least sometimes somewhat rightly, that you do not need to abduct or seduce girls of a certain age . . . but I did miss having a smaller Free Hugs sign with me.  If and when I wish to attend a similar concert, I think I will create a smaller sign and not have to put the sign back in my car before the start . . .

I could be wrong, but it appears that most of the local news media outlets have not published a review of the concert.  I do not know if that is because they have stopped publishing concert reviews . . . or because they considered this concert unworthy of their [adult and not kid] attention or if I simply did not notice where their review was published.

Oh, I do see that there is a review at the Seattle times  . . . but I still do not see other reviews at other websites.  The Seattle times review seems to agree that the fans of Ariana tend to be teens and tweens . . .

I thought it was fun and an interesting experience.



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