Army veteran killed by stabbing in Portland; how?

There is more news out about the stabbings in Portland. One of the victims was a 20-year veteran of the Army. I could be wrong, but I think that persons in the Army are supposed to have some basic training or boot camp or whatever we call it.

I have never been to “boot camp” and I don’t know if it includes responding without a weapon to a man with a knife.

So, the question is, What was an army veteran doing getting close to a man making threats or engaging in abusive language, a man who also had a open weapon or a concealed weapon . . . and what was the army veteran doing without carrying a weapon himself as it seems that the Army veteran was not?

Guns and some knifes are heavy and that weight is actually enough to prevent some people from carrying them in some situations. I have walked by persons of the state patrol or SPD who are doing traffic control at construction sites in downtown seattle and we were in a situation allowing for a brief conversation, perhaps cause I was at the red light or the man was blocking pedestrian traffic. And I asked/said, “Does carrying the gun become a weight or a burden?” and some of them have said yes.

But most people do not find the weight or carry of a folding pocket knife to be a burden and you and I will find, if we talk to our friends and acquaintances, that there are a variety of otherwise normal people who carry the folding pocket knife. One of the clerks at my QFC carries a folding pocket knife, though it is a utility type rather than chiefly weapon. My website designer carries a folding pocket knife and says he frequently finds it useful. The clerk at Fedex who is meek and mild and may live on capitol hill has thought of carrying a folding knife with a 4″ or 4.5″ blade.

If your name is Bruce Lee, you can move so fast that camera may miss being able to photograph what you do. At least, that is the claim about some of Lee’s punches and kicks. If you are not Bruce Lee and if you are unarmed and a man is approaching you with hostile intent and with a knife, your two main options are to outrun him and to place an arm up in such a way as to block and then disable or disarm him of the knife.

At least, that is the theory. Disarming a man with a knife may take some practice or you end up getting cut in the process. The philippine martial art called escrima includes knife disarms and so apparently does krag maga.

When we think of protecting or helping someone, we sometimes place ourselves between an assaillant and a victim. However, in this situation, doing so might have meant that the Army veteran placed himself at an unsafe distance from a man with a knife with hostile intent.

If we go to youtube there does not seem to be any top responses to boot camp training disarm man knife. The responses are of wing chun or krav maga teachers and there is a clip of a chinese policewoman taking down a man with a knife.

There is komo king5 and kiro and it would be nice if the reporters ever created their version of a segment on disarming a man with a knife. Running away does not always work and the police are not always there . . . and there is a dead Army veteran on the train in Portland, who I presume was way too close to react wisely to the threat. Your reaction time is at least .25 seconds. A lot of people, even to act to stop a confrontation, get at 3 feet of a guy.

I had police stop and chat with me once while walking at Greenlake and we had some extra time and I asked about their training and distance and other things. This police officer said, “Mostly we are trained to control the center of mass of a person,” if I recall correctly what he said.

Police at times have to approach. I want 5 to 20 feet to help either indicate intent or have time to react.

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