Ballard pitchfork attack

The news is reporting that last week a deranged man on meth attacked a woman without good cause. Allegedly he approached her after she was leaving a post office and he closed the car door on her leg and then attempted to stab her with a pitchfork and she partly defended herself with her purse.

Bystanders ran up and stopped somehow and then subdued the man, apparently.

Long ago Sophie Scholl was on trial in Nazi Germany before the judge Roland Freisler. There was a movie made of her last days and at the trial, after conviction and before sentencing or whenever she can talk, she says, “Where I am now you will be soon,” or something similar.

Some of her words are disputed. Some believe that she said as some of her last words, “Your heads will roll too,” to those guards or executioners of her.

She is alleged to have said, “The sun still shines,” after her verdict and sentence: execution done quickly.

One thing interesting about Sophie Scholl is that she seems to have had a similar view of art appreciation as I do. She says that she pities those who do not find joy or laughter in small little things such as clouds or Schubert or music. She is quoted as saying is not a matter of being superficial but of finding joy in life.

Anyway, if and when some person is attacked by a madman in Seattle, I somewhat wonder and somewhat hope that God has been getting a hold of members of the jury that convicted me. Of course, there are bad attacks on people who are completely innocent or at least, not deserving of being attacked with a pitchfork for no good reason.

One of my favorite SPD officers works in the Ballard area I think.

He cares about people, I believe, and does not like seeing innocent people become victimized by madmen, I think.

So it is hard to imagine or wish for random crazed attacks on people to help educate them or as part of their reaping what they sow.

Sophie Scholl in the movie says to Judge Freisler You soon will be where I am now, or words to that effect.

My prayer for Seattle is that God show the city of Seattle the right way. It may be that there is nothing to show to them because, as a city, they think rightly.

In the Bible, God is quoted by Isaiah and Jeremiah or alleged by Isaiah and Jeremiah to have called the Assyrians and the Babylonians his instrument and his battle-ax in accomplishing his purpose.

The Assyrians and Babylonians were conquerors and oppressors of the people, yet, the prophets allege that God was using them for some purpose.

God show Seattle the right way! God show Cameron, Hay, Keller, Lewis, Eisenberg and Best the right way!

It turned out that Freisler was killed in an Allied bombing raid on Berlin. The planes were bombing who knows what and some of the bombs were falling on government buildings including court and justice rooms. Freisler had ordered the court emptied and was gathering up files when a bomb fell on the building. Freisler was apparently crushed by some of the building.

When Freisler body was taken to the hospital, one of the health care workers said, “It is God’s verdict,” and allegedly, no one said anything to contradict that view.

Freisler was buried but no one put his name of the gravestone.

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