Baltimore police employee stomped

According to the city of Seattle you are not supposed to carry knives or swords for legitimate self-defensive purposes, or if you do, it should be 1) not a switchblade; 2) not a folding knife and 3) not a knife with a blade longer than 3.5 inches.

There is now up on the internet a video showing the employee of the Baltimore police getting knocked around and kicked in the head repeatedly. The video is about 40 seconds long.

After the guy falls to the ground the first time and after a first kick or two, the police employee stands up. The assailant then knocks him down a 2nd time and proceeds to badly kick him in the head. The assailant seems to check the guy for some purpose, perhaps to make sure he isn’t moving any more at that point.

The police commissioner is not very happy about the residents mistreating his employees. He says this is shocking.

Oh. Really.

Police employees are so dumb that they go out and about in public with no knives or other weapons . . . and display and use none of such weapons while being beaten unconscious, even though, partway through, the guy being beaten has the sense and stability to stand up.

Are these police employees who never went to a knife self-defense class?

Guns can be a problem. They are heavy and they get lost and left behind. They get stolen from the glove compartment of your car and my car. Over east of the mountains where there is the school with the school administrators who wear handguns and we pretend it is concealed and it kind of is concealed, one guy went to the bathroom. Using the toilet, he removed his belt or holster for the purpose of comfort and convenience.

He got up and went back to his office.

Loaded handgun left behind in the faculty bathroom . . . Oh, well . . . woops.

Anyway, my question is, Why didn’t the police employee have the training and a simple weapon or two sufficient to stop him from being stomped into losing consciousness or being able to move?

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