battle of Tanneberg 1410

I have always enjoyed history and the what if series of books and articles and I have enjoyed studying and thinking of battles and other events that changed history.

There are many books and articles and lecture series on battles that changed history and at times these include the battle of Tannenberg in 1410.

This is a most interesting battle. The Teutonic knights got themselves completely destroyed and ceased to exist after a long series of victories and seeming to be invincible.

Even after their death, the cross they wore may have been part of the inspiration of battle flags of Prussia and then of Germany, including Germany in WWII, when the Luftwaffe planes sported a cross. Now, however, some of the inspiration for the Prussian and German flags may also have been from the knights templar.

Anyway, the Teutonic knights were excellent at what they did. They were invited in by Poland or what was related to Poland to help fend off some pagan invaders and then the knights just stayed.

The knights did well when fighting against the pagans. But around 1400 2 new rulers of Lithuania and/or Poland arose. They were husband and wife and were somewhat religious Catholics.

The Teutonic knights tried to keep the upper hand with God and the public by claiming that the rulers were not religious enough and that their practice of the Christian religion was not sufficient . . . even though, by the standards of the day, this husband and wife were more committed and more devout and more religious than many contemporary Christian kings and queens. There were no major adulteries, no random murders for spite and the promotion of churches and schools and prayer.

Anyway, the Teutonic knights made errors and got destroyed down to the last man, after having spent time impugning the Christian bona fides of Jagiella and his wife, persons who were actually trying to serve and obey God, albeit imperfectly, presumably.

And, the creation of Poland was a good thing for world history it seems. The Poles fought and stopped the Soviets in 1920. The Poles were temporarily defeated by the Nazis in 1939, but their pilots escaped and came to England, where they flew and helped Britain win the battle of Britain.

If there had been no Poland, would England have survived the summer of 1940? We don’t really know but there is a lot of doubt. The worst problem that England had was replacing their pilots and the Poles were an excellent help.

The victory of the Poles in 1410 helped defeat the Muslims at the siege of Vienna in 1683, defeated the Soviets in 1920, and helped Britain survive against the Nazis in 1940. So the Poles deserve our thanks and admiration, even if, in terms of math and science, Protestants may be better.

Anyway, I think of this interesting battle in 1410, cause there is Brett Cameron who is on a righteousness crusade to help prevent me from taking photos of women or women under the age of 18, in public parks or at Greenlake.

And I must wonder, is the cause of Cameron just and worth it? Morally speaking, I think it is as unwise as the complaints of the Teutonic knights that the local Polish and Lithuanian king and queen were not religious enough . . . I do not believe it will fly in the long run. I could be wrong, but whether the so called assault charge and conviction stick . . . I don’t think this crusade helps Cameron or the public.

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