being observant; the poster re sex trafficking in Campbell

Yesterday I spent some time in front of the Campbell library. Campbell is a nice and rich and quiet city next to San Jose and in the county of Santa Clara. The town is so peaceful and quiet that they do not charge for parking downtown and the limits on parking in the parking downtown is either 2 hours or 4 hours. There is less activity than in Berkeley which is well populated from 7 a.m. to nearly midnight!

Campbell has an abundance of churches by comparison with Berkeley and some of them seem to actually be conservative or caring or inclined to pray, though some of the churches are outside of Campbell in such places as Camden and Los Gatos. Not far away is Santa Cruz a university which seems to be even more chill and nice than Berkeley, though I have never been to Santa Cruz yet!

At the entrance to the library there is a pillar and posted on various parts of the pillar are various posters. One of the posters is about recognizing signs of sex trafficking, of which the most obvious sign, if it be such, seems to be a sad and dejected expression on the face. At least, the poster has 3 faces on it and the faces of possible victims show people who look sad!

Actually, I do not know if that is one of the signs. The poster lists 5 types of signs and I forget some of the five. I am sure I will be again at the Campbell library from time to time and I might over time learn all five of the categories of signs.

In any case, cause in the last 2 weeks there was the guy with his girl at the Wendy and the girl had tied her t-shirt and they had interacted in a way that drew my attention, I figured that I would observe that the kid showed no signs of sex trafficking and the guy with her I think was her dad!

I have no idea how the general public does with being observant, though people do not seem to call 911 much about cars with no lights on after dark!

After the guys who were boys of the Berkeley High School asked if I would take their photo and I did so, I then prayed for them for time to time over the next day.

I somewhat wonder if, when I pray for people, God actually helps them . . . It seems to be a possibility.

I notice a lot of things that are either pretty, interesting, unusual or dangerous in a way that other people at times seem to not notice or not pay attention to.

In any case, just to let you know, the girl was showing midriff, but she was obviously in good spirits, having fun and with a person she loves and trusts, presumably her dad!

Oh, time split between Berkeley and Campbell, Los Gatos and San Jose for the next six weeks!

I got to photograph some police activity in Oakland earlier today! I think they were arresting a woman and I arrived nearby just as they were finishing up, or so I was told. It appears that Oakland police had sent 4 or 5 or 6 patrol cars today to the spot to handle some supposedly, hopefully simple arrest. Maybe the woman did not like the idea of her arrest!

I called them once, a few weeks ago, about something simple and they sent at least 3 cars.

I am watching the Man in the High Castle here at the library.

About people being observant or not, an hour earlier I was watching a guy getting caned for 20 minutes and my seat and computer is not in one of the corners protected from the view of others! So, you wonder what people notice and what they do not. At least no police have come to take me away for having material that might upset a person if someone viewed it!

Being observant is more fun than not being so observant. I just got to trade happy smiles with a girl at the library and prayed for her that God bless her!

Don’t worry; she and her dad were putting away some books! She is well!

I think the Resistance has just killed the bad guy John Smith in the series!

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