Berkeley and God

While driving about in some of the common and important locations of Berkeley, the samples of churches include the following: the East Bay JCC, the Friends or Quakers, some United church of Christ I think and yesterday some Hare Krishna chanters were walking on the sidewalk while drumming and giving out literature.

As you and I walk along on some of the sidewalks, there is a quotation on a board by the founder of a local school. The quotation says that you can’t leave, love, charity, compassion, integrity and goodness. You can teach math and science but you cannot teach love or honesty, he claims.

Remind me to not have him put in teaching Bible 101.

There seems to be no local church of Christ and a listing for a church of Christ in a nearby gone has a phone number that is not in service.

There is a Reformed “Orthodox” Presbyterian church.

One of the other local Presbyterian churches took in a political prisoner many years ago and then took some others.

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