Berkeley crimes and other, Monday, September 16, 2019

Berkeley has a main street that runs north and south through the several blocks which are downtown and the few blocks which are the north Berkeley neighborhood. The street is Shattuck.

On Shattuck in downtown we will encounter various coffee shops, restaurants, bar things, computer repair service places, one or more laundromats, one or more gyms, McDonalds, Fedex and some drugstores and various other shops normal to a downtown area.

Lots of people walk on the sidewalks doing various things.

Around lunchtime I walked north on Shattuck and then I was walking south. While I was walking south I passed by a vehicle with its window newly broken and shards of glass in various spots.

Someone had broken the window to steal some item from the car. Many of the smash and grabs of car items are of laptops, but it could be other things.

The car had Nevada plates. Presumably the visitor from Nevada is inexperienced in the Oakland and Berkeley ways of common crime.

In the afternoon, around 4:30, I was walking from Shattuck to the west. A person was walking to the east on the same street. He had clothing that suggested he might be homeless and not washing his clothes much.

He held 2 bicycle wheels and they were not attached to a bicycle. I assume that he has some way to resell such bicycle tires. I presume he had just stolen them off of a bicycle which perhaps had a lock that did not include the wheels.

In the afternoon I encountered and spoke with a man and wife with a toddler-kid in the nice neighborhood of north Berkeley. At one point I asked if they knew about the free the nipple movement and request to change the law back in 2017.

They were not aware that it was illegal for a woman to sunbathe topless in Berkeley and did not at first believe it was . . . They referenced the naked guy of Berkeley. They assumed that Berkeley being liberal and tolerant, that no one would make a complaint or concern about that.

The naked guy of Berkeley is one who caused the city council to pass an IE law for Berkeley. He was arrested and convicted and went various places and got into other fights and troubles, eventually dying in jail, I think in 2006. People allege he was mentally unbalanced and never properly treated or helped.

A few years after his death the county where he died paid a million to his parent or parents and altered some of its policies on those who might be at risk of suicide.

The guy was briefly famous, it seems, though his fame did not accomplish very much in a positive way as best we can see. On the net, there is a newsworthy photo of him, from the 1990s, being arrested by Berkeley police while nude. I think the guy had some cause that was not meaninful to the vast majority of people, such as, “Wearing clothes means accepting middle class values and so I will not wear clothes in public or at the University.”

After his death, various newspapers wrote about his life.

While in north Berkeley I traded waves with police on patrol.

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