Berkeley fun and crazy

Berkeley is an interesting, fun and crazy place.

A few miles south of Berkeley is West Oakland which is largely African American and the place looks broken down. The nice thing about this area is that there is a unusually nearly empty library and some days it is open till 8.

The “kids” of Berkeley seem to commonly have enough money to wander about and do things like adults do, at least somewhat. So, after school and at lunch time, there are pretty girls wandering about the “downtown” area of Berkeley.

So, when I walk, I pray for some of them. They distract me from my walk, but that is an ok thing! One young woman today was dressed in a red top and black shorts!

The Berkeley girls seem to often be pretty without making the effort that adults make in terms of dress and make up. Their figures are often quite nice, though one could suppose I should not notice!

I was on the sidewalk of Berkeley this afternoon. There was a woman getting ready to sing some songs, which seems to be her way of making money by donation.

I say to her, “Do you know the Col. Bogey March?” “No,” she says.

I say, “Do you know Scotland the Brave?” “No.”

I say, “do you know Britney Spears or Selena Gomez songs?” “No,” she says.

I ask, “Do you sing gospel?”

She says, “Yes, of course.” I ask, “Do you know I will call upon the Lord?”

She says, “No, I don’t.”

During this process she asks if I like Madonna.

I say not always, but I like the Isle Bonita. Do you/she know that?

“No,” she says.

She is a black woman or African American. Maybe she journeys north 3 miles from (black, somewhat, maybe) West Oakland to white liberal Berkeley where people have money to give.

I am not sure, but I must completely wonder about what music she knows. She seems to know none of the songs that I suggested or the singers and songwriters I suggested for her.

She says she is going to learn some of them. She hopes she will learn a new song by tomorrow.

I will make her a gift if and when she makes some progress in the singing department.

Oh, if she is black, is she missing out on the Latin songs? I hope not but I hat to ask!

She asked me about Christina Aguilera and then I picked one of the best of Aguilera and she did not now that one. I hope it is not too white!

Black woman comes to Berkeley to sing regularly. Black woman knows no songs I know and barely knows Britney Spears or Selena Gomez. Of course, it is possible that there have been a white woman volunteer singer who could not sing these songs.

Maybe since she is black and since the singer of Motivation or Fifth Harmony she would know them. I will ask here next time! Fifth Harmony is good and has had at least one black among the group! Some of their songs are African American in style and reasonable!

When I have reason to believe that the Berkeley police will not be taking me away . . . and if and when I have more time for photos . . . we should do photos from Berkeley or a website! We could have a contest of the pretty young ladies! Ha!

Well, I don’t think that the people of Berkeley do the gunfire thing as much as our friends in Oakland!

Forgive my noticing the racial and cultural differences between Oakland and Berkeley! Hey, I love Normani! How can a black woman singer know a dozen songs and none of the ones I requested?

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